How to Drink Karlsson's

Karlsson’s Gold Vodka can be enjoyed in a great number of ways. We recommend first trying it neat or on-the-rocks. Master Blender Börje Karlsson, a purist, created this vodka to be enjoyed on its own, as you might appreciate a fine brandy or whiskey. It allows you to fully experience the remarkable complexities and smooth creaminess of this unique spirit.

You can also take Karlsson’s a step further. Add a few twists of fresh cracked black pepper for a Black Gold. Stir Karlsson’s into a martini (with a lemon twist or olives), or a Gibson (with cocktail onions) for a more flavorful version of a classic. Incorporate it into your favorite Bloody Mary recipe for a richer and longer finish. Turn a Moscow Mule into a Swedish Mule for a more satisfying mouth feel. Or develop a signature cocktail of your own.

We simply encourage you to elevate your drink experience with Karlsson’s Gold Vodka.

Karlsson's Vodka | Handcrafted Swedish Potato Vodka

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