Cape Bjäre


Cape Bjäre (Bjärehalvön) lies in the southwest of Sweden and is surrounded by the North Sea. Because of its mild coastal climate, this rustic, windswept region seven miles wide by seven miles long has been populated since the Bronze Age. Approximately 50 farmers and their families, two small coastal villages, and a growing tourism industry inhabit this small peninsula. Due to the climate, picturesque landscape of soft rolling hills, attractions like the nature preserve Hovs Hallar, the quaint fishing village Torekov and, the slightly larger town of Båstad, Cape Bjäre has recently become a destination for vacationers. What was once a region exclusively focused on fishing and farming, is now sprinkled with spas, golf courses and resort communities.

Cape Bjäre is also home to a special type of potato, known locally as “Farmer’s Gold,” — the source ingredient for Karlsson’s Vodka. As the sandy soil is perfectly suited for their cultivation, generations of Cape Bjäre’s farmers have focused their attention on the so-called Virgin New Potatoes. These special heirloom varieties of potato from Cape Bjäre are a delicacy, and their first harvest in early June is always accompanied by a great deal of fanfare throughout Sweden.

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