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Karlsson’s Vodka Batch is the purest expression of the individual characteristics of our exquisite raw ingredient: the Virgin New Potatoes of Cape Bjäre, Sweden. Quite simply, there is nothing like it in the world.

Multiple varieties of new potatoes were tested for distillation during the development of Karlsson’s Gold Vodka. In each case, the potatoes were harvested in Cape Bjäre before their skin had fully formed — hence the name Virgin New Potatoes. Master Blender, Börje Karlsson discovered that not only did different potato varietiess produce different tasting vodkas, but that the same variety from different years produced different tasting vodkas.

These discoveries led to Karlsson’s Vodka Batch. The Batch is a single varietal, single vintage, single estate vodka now available in limited editions in the USA.

Karlsson’s Batch 2008
The first such release in April of 2012 was Karlsson’s Vodka Batch 2008, which is made exclusively from the 2008 harvest of the Gammel Svensk Röd (“Old Swedish Red”) potato from Bertil Gunnarsson’s farm in Cape Bjäre. “Old Swedish Red,” as the name implies, is a slightly reddish heirloom potato varietal that is grown exclusively on Gunnersson’s farm. Börje Karlsson selected it for this special release because of all the potatoes harvested in 2008, the Gammel Svensk Röd had the best natural taste and character.

Karlsson’s Batch 2009
Karlsson’s Vodka Batch 2009 is the second release in a Karlsson’s series of limited edition vintage vodkas. It is made exclusively with a single harvest of Solist Virgin New Potatoes from the Mäsinge Lantbruk farm in Cape Bjäre, Sweden. The Solist potato is round to oval in shape, with an off-white flesh and thin, easily-peeled, pale yellow skin. Solist potatoes are generally planted very early in the season, between the end of March and the end of April. The Solist is used in Swedish cuisine, often served boiled with just sea salt and dill. Because of the early planting, they can be harvested by the end of May through August. This potential for an extremely early harvest, before the Swedish celebration of Midsommar, makes the Solist highly sought after in early summer.

As always, Karlsson’s Batch Vodkas are distilled only once and left unfiltered to showcase the purest natural expression of the potato. Only 1,980 bottles of each of these limited edition vintage vodkas have been produced and are be available in select markets across the US, while supplies last.

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